Report: OJU Spring Kata Course and Championships 2014

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Between 20-23 Aug 2014, the Kodokan and the OJU Kata Commission held the Kodokan-OJU Kata Course at the Judo NSW Dojo in Sydney, Australia.  Over 50 participants from Australia and New Zealand took part in the Kata course to study the fine points of Nage no Kata, Katame no Kata, Kime no Kata, KDK Goshinjutsu, and Ju no Kata.  Instruction was directly provided by three outstanding Kata experts from the Kodokan; Utsugi-sensei, Katada-sensei, and Nagai-sensei.  Many students received direct instructions from these instructors.

On 24 August, the Kata course was wrapped up with the 2014 OJU Kata Championships.  Over 30 pairs demonstrated their respective Kata.  The Kodokan instructors were impressed with the continued improvement and development of Kata in the OJU.


Final results were as follows:

Nage no Kata

Gold: Bam and Yuen – NSW

Silver: S. Read and J. Read – WA

Bronze: Georgiadis and Poulopoulous – ACT


Katame no Kata

Gold: Wakamatsu and Griffiths – NSW

Silver: Read and Kendrick – WA

Bronze: Matthews and Keogh – NSW



Kime no Kata

Gold: Wakamatsu and Griffiths – NSW

Silver: Matthews and Verma – SA




KDK Goshinjutsu

Gold: Holmes and Cadorin – NSW



Ju no Kata

Gold: Wakamatsu and Keogh – NSW

Silver: Verma and Hustig – SA

Bronze: Dunce and Lloyd – NZ


The course also provided instruction and certification for Kata judges.

Results of the Kata judging certification are being reviewed and will be available soon.


The OJU Kata Commission would like to thank, the OJU Board for funding the event, Judo NSW for supplying the venue for the five days, and the NSW Black Belt Register team, for doing a great job in managing the seminar and OJU Championships. Special thanks must go to the Kodokan experts, for being so patient and attentive to the needs of our OJU Kata group, and to Mr. Uemura, President of Kodokan, for making available once again three of the most respected Sensei’s from Kodokan.