OJU Refereeing Seminar Report

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DSC_7903 (1)The recent OJU seminar was held at Olympic Park, Homebush in Sydney where 38 coaches and referees participated from different OJU countries. It was held in conjunction with the NSW International Open. The seminar was led by Juan Carlos Barcos, IJF referees director and Carlo Knoester, OJU referee director. After an early registration, we kicked off with different video situations that would be of interest to referees and coaches of all levels.


All participants already had a very good understanding of the rules and this made for an enjoyable atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable to participate in discussions. Video material used was a selection from recent competitions including the World Championships, European championships and several Grand Prix and Grand Slam events. Mr. Barcos was outstanding in his explanations and much was learnt from his extensive knowledge.


A practical tatami session at the NSW state training facility rounded off the first day. This was a great opportunity for everyone to seek answers to situations that might have been unclear.


DSC_7901 (1)The day of the competition was a great opportunity for all to put their knowledge to the test. Feedback was given to those that requested it and Mr. Barcos gave some valuable advice and comments. In the end everyone came away with new insights and a better understanding of the rules and regulations that govern our sport.

Accommodation and conference facilities were good and very central to all.

Special thanks go to Deepali Mistry, David Fuentes, Janus Dobrowolski, Rob Ivers and Phil McDermot for their tireless contributions in assisting with the preparation and smooth running of the seminar. The NSW leadership kindly donated the use of the conference facility as well as the use of the state dojo. It was great to share the weekend with judo enthusiasts from the OJU region and we are all looking forward to the next seminar. Hopefully everyone shares the knowledge and experience that they took from this event with others in their countries.

Carlo Knoester – OJU referee director