The venue was more than adequate for the size of the tournament and the three medical staff were sufficient to manage the two mat areas and the treatment area.
There was a screened privacy area.
Injury contact 15
Blood contact 6
Illness list:
The AIS was experiencing a gastroenteritis epidemic at the time and judo was relatively spared with 2 athletes and 2 non athletes that was managed by me. I was required to liaise with the ACT public health unit regarding this.
Injury list: 
There were no fractures apart from the suspected rib injuries and no dislocations.
The other injuries managed were soft tissue in type: Thoracic spine, Knee (2) , Neck (3), Elbow (2), Wrist (2), Toe.
We managed one suspected cervical spine injury with collar immobilisation however on further assessment she was completely cleared.
There was one strangulation to unconsciousness.
The training camp produced one concussion. Because of his persistent symptoms he was referred to the local A&E department. They diagnosed mild concussion. He could not complete the camp. When contacted on the 16th May, he remained unfit to train.
One of the knee injuries progressed to a knee arthroscopy and knee surgery.