OJU Kodokan Kata Seminar and Kata Championship 2014.

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ojusit2Dear OJU and OJU Country Leaders,

On behalf of Ivor Endicott-Davies, the OJU is happy to announce the 2014 OJU Kata Course, which will be held from 20-23 August 2014 and climaxed on 24 August with the OJU Kata Championships. Instruction to be provided by Kodokan instructors.

The course will be held in Sydney, Australia at the new Judo NSW Dojo at the Sydney Olympic Park/Newington Armoury. Please see the attached flyer for detail information.

The Kata Seminar and OJU Championships are open to all OJU affiliated and registered members who are over 16 y.o., and 3 Kyu grade and above. 12 y.o. and above may participate in the Nage no Kata session on 23 Aug and perform Jr. Nage no Kata at the Championships.

Kata Judge certifications will also be held with the OJU Kata Championships. Kata Judges must also be an OJU registered member and at least a Shodan grade. Judges will be certified to State (Shodan min), National (3-Dan min), and OJU (4-Dan min) levels. If you would like to judge at the World Kata Championships, you must be certified as an OJU Kata Judge. This year the World championships are being held in Malaga, Spain.

Best regards,

Ernie Wakamatsu

BBR Vice President

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