OJU and JFA coaching seminar

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This weekend in Sydney the Judo fed of Australia hosted an OJU club coaching seminar. The main focus being on how to build up grass roots judo as well as learning new skills to develop our current judo programs.  

2016 OJU Spring Kata Seminar Report

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2016 OJU Spring Kata Seminar 6th ~ 9th September and  2016 OJU & Sydney International Kata Championships 10th September Kata Seminar – Held at the NSW Judo Dojo, Newington Armory, Silverwater, NSW.   Once again, we were most fortunate to have … Read More

OJU Championships 2016 Kata Results

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Congratulations to the medalists and all involved. The competition was of a very high standard and well contested. 2016 OJU Kata score sheets 3 judges_BVEdit

2016 Oceania Championships info

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Dear Friends We are glad to welcome you to Canberra, Australia this April 2016 where this year’s Oceania Championships will be held. This is the second time that Canberra will host the Oceania Championships and we are looking forward to … Read More

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