Results: 2016 OJU Championships

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First off we would like to say thank you to everyone who was a part of making this OJU Championships a success. Below are the results of the tournament. Please note however that there are some mistakes: -81kg Seniors 1st place Eoin Coughlon (AUS) … Read More

2016 Oceania Championships info

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Dear Friends We are glad to welcome you to Canberra, Australia this April 2016 where this year’s Oceania Championships will be held. This is the second time that Canberra will host the Oceania Championships and we are looking forward to … Read More

Concussion: horror of sports-related brain damage article

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This snippet is taken from: Concussions were traditionally seen as causing short-term functional problems like memory loss and impaired concentration. Now people are becoming increasingly aware that they result in structural damage, in particular to fine nerve-cell fibres called … Read More

2015 Oceania Open results

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The 2015 Oceania Open was a huge success! Thank you to all of the volunteers involved who made the event run so well. A big thanks to all the competitors who fought with honour and integrity. Below is a link to … Read More

OJU Refereeing Seminar Report

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The recent OJU seminar was held at Olympic Park, Homebush in Sydney where 38 coaches and referees participated from different OJU countries. It was held in conjunction with the NSW International Open. The seminar was led by Juan Carlos Barcos, … Read More

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